Stacey Marie Interviews Radio Personality Aaron Michael Sanchez


Radio Personality, Aaron Michael Sanchez began his career in live streaming live events. He helped a nonprofit called Latina Graduate. In their nonprofit, they recorded several interviews that they would webcast them. It was around the time that YouTube was coming to the forefront. He was asked to do educational type programming to get information out to the Latino community. Especially, to the kids on how to get into college. Aaron, was presented the opportunity an inspirational type show. He reached out to actors and those that I thought who might have gone to college and brought them onto the web show. That brought him to a live stream event at Cal State San Bernardino. While there, he met the Bureau Chief from NBC News Radio KCAA. He ended up seeing some of the videos that Aaron had previously done and posted to YouTube. Which were entertainment related at red carpet events. So, then he asked him if he would be interested in having a segment on a show on their station as an entertainment reporter. That was his start in radio. And as they say “the rest is history”… Enjoy this interview.

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Guest: Aaron Michael Sanchez

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